Chargers OC Reich guarantees an improved running game

The Chargers' running attack isn't broken, according to the man who coordinates it.

Offensive coordinator Frank Reich isn't afraid after two preseason games -- even though some lackluster rushing statistics suggest he might want to.

"Nobody's panicking here," Reich told The Mighty 1090 AM. "We had a bad game running the football. It's one game."

Last year's paltry rushing statistics have spilled into this preseason, though.

Against the Cardinals, the Bolts offense gained negative yardage on seven separate handoffs. That game dropped the first-team's output to around 2.6 yards per carry -- almost a full yard behind the worst team in the league's average last year.

"Yeah, we're coming off of last year, which was a disappointing season running the football," Reich explained. "But as far as I'm concerned last year is over."

Optimism comes in the form of Melvin Gordon. The rookie running back is still figuring out the speed of the pro game, still understanding how to read his blockers, and still learning his playbook.

When all three collide, he'll surely average more than his .55 yards-per-carry preseason average. Reich is betting his offense on it.

"We were able to pull out a win(against the Cardinals," he said. "Nobody's panicking. We've got the players."

(h/t The Mighty 1090 AM)