Can Kenneth Faried have a breakout season?

Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried couldn't quite translate his great summer with USA Basketball into great success on the floor last season, but there's still time for him to make "the leap" and breakout for the Nuggets.

Unlike most superstar players, Faried focuses more on the little things and can provide value in areas other than scoring.

Here's Adam Mares at SB Nation Blog Denver Stiffs with more:

"All players have strengths and weaknesses. If given the choice, most players would prefer that their strengths be isolation scoring and protecting the paint. Asking a star player to be the opposite of that is certainly a hard sell. Despite two consecutive seasons of underperforming expectations, Faried still has the potential to be one of the leagues most versatile front-court pick and roll defenders and off-ball scorers. Hopefully, that's a potential that he is interested in achieving."

(h/t Denver Stiffs)