Cam Newton holds up promise to teammate to start 14-0

If you want a story, look no further than a recent one that featured a conversation between Cam Newton, Roman Harper and a few of their Carolina Panthers teammates. When the Panthers were 7-0, Harper invited a few teammates over to watch the Thursday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

Then, came the fun part of the conversation, via Jonathan Jones of The Charlotte Observer:

"Has anybody been 8-0?" someone asked.

"Yeah, when I was with New Orleans we went 13-0," Harper said.

"That's what's up. How far did you all get?" Newton retorted.

" Oh we lost. We went 13-1," Harper said.

Then came the fun part, Newton made it widely known that he was going to make sure Harper got beyond that 13-0 record, according to Jones.

"I said, 'Listen here explicit. We're gonna go 14-0," Newton told him.

Well, as we know, the Panthers are now 14-0 after their 38-35 victory over the New York Giants in Week 15. Way to keep your word, Cam, it's probably pretty safe to say that Harper is more than ecstatic that it actually happened as well.