Brent Burns and Joe Thornton go wild for facial hair in hilarious Sharks ad

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Brent Burns and Joe Thornton have the hairiest and most enviable bromance in hockey. Whether they're playing together on the ice or walking around America's greatest cities shirtless, they're pretty much always a pretty lovable duo.

Their latest endeavor is a hilarious new commercial that showcases their enthusiasm for epic facial hair.

The ad was put together by the Sharks, who will be hosting a Thornton chia pet giveaway later this month. Typically, team-produced ads are pretty forgettable, but the performances and commitment given by Burns and Thornton make this one way funnier than it has any business being.

The rapid one-liners are great, but the real standout here is Thornton screaming "OIL IT UP, BABY!" followed by very aggressive towel waving. That should get Oscar consideration, if you ask me.