Boarders go riding 'by Braille' on Cypress

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By Deborah Charles

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - American snowboarder Chris Klug thinks he should have packed his wetsuit to wear in the Olympic men's parallel giant slalom competition on Saturday.

"I feel like I'm on a surf trip. I was joking this morning that I feel like I should wear my wetsuit," Klug said after racing two qualifying runs in a pouring rain and fog so thick he could hardly see the gate in front of him.

"It's like riding by Braille," he said, but added that despite the rain and fog the snow quality and the course were actually really good.

The thick fog shrouding the course made it even more difficult for the rain-soaked spectators, who were bravely waving flags and ringing cowbells despite the dismal conditions, to see as they sat in the stands less than 40 meters from the finish line.

"Look at this crowd -- they should all get medals," said Klug, the 2002 bronze medalist.

(Editing by Jon Bramley)