Amusing '30 For 30' send-up treats 'Angels in the Outfield' as MLB history (VIDEO)

The '30 For 30' series is widely considered one of ESPN's best programs, as it offers in-depth looks into some seriously iconic and important sports moments of all-time.

The 1994 film 'Angels in the Outfield' (a remake of the 1951 version), a full-on Disneyfied presentation, is somewhat infamous at this point. Due to our never-ending affinity for nostalgia, it's probably also even a bit of a 'classic' now, even if an abundance of its baseball action was filmed at the then-Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum as well as Angel Stadium.

It's within all this context that the folks at College Humor put together a very amusing mini-'30 For 30' showcasing the film as if its events were those of a real team. Along for the fun are some of the actors as well as ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian, former-player-turned-analyst Doug Glanville, and more. Enjoy:

Here's hoping they do some more of these satirical '30 For 30' segments on other classic baseball movies...