Wisconsin Dems take their anti-conservative John Doe probe to the media

Smacked by two judges in their legal effort to take down Gov. Scott Walker, prosecutors in Wisconsin’s secret John Doe investigation have taken their case to the friendlier court of mainstream media.

Citing 268 pages of documents released Thursday, the Associated Press and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel laid out the prosecution’s argument that conservative organizations and others illegally coordinated political activities with Gov. Scott Walker.

Looking at the same documents, two judges have already ruled that John Doe prosecutors have absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing.

U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Randa, who last month shut down the investigation through a preliminary injunction, described the prosecutors’ claims against Walker as “simply wrong.”

“The prosecutors’ coordination conspiracy is the conspiracy to do things that are not only legal, but are absolutely protected by the U.S. Constitution,” said a legal expert with knowledge of the lawsuits. The source asked not to be identified due to his proximity to the case.

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