Who is that girl? The mysterious face of Healthcare.gov

She smiles back at countless frustrated Americans as they tried to log on to the ObamaCare website, the picture of youthful health and wholesome trust in her government.

Her long brown locks are pulled back behind her face, as she flashes an alluring grin that some say makes her the "Mona Lisa of health care." She could be the girl next door, someone you might see in the supermarket. Then again, she might be composite, crafted in Photoshop by a clever graphic artist whose work is already more successful than that of the IT team behind Healthcare.gov.

No one knows.

Several outlets, including FoxNews.com, have combed the contact sheets of stock photo agencies, scoured social media and squinted at group shots of Democratic operatives, all to no avail.


Her star turn as a cover girl was called the "worst modeling gig ever" on Twitter, where she's even earned a fake account. She's been called "Glitch Girl." And that's the milder stuff.


"Congrats, vapidly smiling http://Healthcare.gov  splash page stock photo girl! You're now the most despised face on planet Earth," tweeted David Burge, of the blog IowaHawk.

With frustration mounting at the beleaguered site, it is possible this was one gig no model wants in her portfolio.

"People In Healthcare.gov Stock Photos Now Visibly Panicking," screamed a headline in the satirical newspaper The Onion, with an image of the woman tweaked to make her look extremely nervous.

The website's source code indicates that the image file's name is "Adriana."

"Adriana, I love you," wrote DemocraticUnderground.com. "Please let me in."

She may be in the witness protection program, but she is real, insists Richard Olague, spokesman for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, which oversees the new programs under the health care reforms.

“The woman featured on the website signed a release for us to use the photo, but to protect her privacy, we will not share her personal or contact info with anyone,” Olague told BuzzFeed in an e-mail.

You may think she looks a little like this stock photo model who, perhaps coincidentally, is named Adriana. But the boss at Andresr Imaging assured us the Healthcare.gov covergirl is not one of theirs.

"Umm, no," Andres Rodriguez told FoxNews.com. "That's not one of my photos, unfortunately."

He should know: "His" Adriana is his sister.

Fox News' Jana Winter contributed to this report. 

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