FIRST ON FOX: There's no let-up in former President Donald Trump ferocious fundraising.

Trump's three main political fundraising committees hauled in more than $17 million during the April-June second quarter of 2022. And the three entities — Trump’s Save America PAC, Save America JFC (joint fundraising committee) and MAGA PAC — report ending June with a massive $112 million in cash on hand in their coffers.

The latest fundraising figures, shared first with Fox News on Friday, are another indicator that Trump remains the most popular and influential politician in the GOP as he continues to play a kingmaker’s role in the 2022 Republican primaries and repeatedly teases another presidential run in 2024.

In another sign of Trump’s grassroots fundraising prowess: His committees’ average donation during the second quarter was $27.17. Trump’s team also reports a total of 625,723 contributions the past three months, with 98.9% of those donations under $200. Trump’s fundraising draw — and especially his grassroots appeal — has been fueled in part by his constant re-litigating of his 2020 election loss to President Biden.


Former President Donald Trump holds a rally in Wyoming

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on May 28, 2022 in Casper, Wyoming. The rally is being held to support Harriet Hageman, Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary challenger in Wyoming. (Chet Strange/Getty Images)

Trump's political team highlighted that former president's expenditures increased the past three months, with nearly $11 million spent supporting other committees and candidates running in November's midterm elections. Included in that total is $6.7 million to super PACs backing GOP candidates, $3.6 million spent on Trump's rallies, and 111 contributions to endorsed candidates that totaled more than half a million dollars.

The spending is reflected in Trump's cash on hand, which is down $12 million from the $124 million he had in his coffers as of the end of March.


"President Trump’s endorsement record currently stands at over 98% as he continues to grow the MAGA movement. His political committees are not just raising massive sums, but he’s investing that money in Saving America through his endorsed, America First candidates who are set to win in a very big way in November," Taylor Budowich, communications director for the former president and the Save America PAC, highlighted in a statement to Fox News.

Trump Texas rally

Former President Donald speaks to a crowd a rally at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022 in Conroe, TX.  (Sergio Flores/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Trump’s impressive war chest would also give him a healthy head start over the rest of the field of potential 2024 GOP presidential contenders should he follow through on his flirtations and make a third White House run.


"President Trump is incredibly well-positioned to look beyond November as the need for his leadership has never been more important," Budowich told Fox News recently.