Trump can't seem to leave Karl Rove alone

Donald Trump's incessant criticism of longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove continues, with the leading GOP presidential hopeful now calling Rove an "establishment flunky."

In separate tweets Thursday, the brash billionaire accused Rove, a former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, of making "false statements" both in print, as a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and on TV, as a Fox News contributor.

The tweets come less than 24 hours after Rove published his latest column, titled "Trump is the Democrats' Dream Nominee," in which he raises questions about the Republican front-runner's electability. Rove cites a handful of recent polls that show presumptive Democratic nominee edging Trump in overall favorability and beating him among in head-to-head matchup among key voting blocs.

"Donald Trump would be the dream opponent for the Democratic Party. We'll see in the next four months whether that matters to Republicans," Rove writes.

Trump also claimed that Rove is "going crazy" over two recent polls – a CBS/New York Times survey, released Thursday, showing him at 35 percent support among Republicans and a Fox News poll from late November showing him beating Clinton 46-41 percent.