State Department cracks down on Israel travel amid violence

The Department of State’s diplomatic security section is tightening restrictions on travel for its employees throughout Israel amid a spike in Palestinian violence that has killed at least eight Israelis, according to a recent internal report distributed to U.S. employees residing in the Jewish state.

The State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council is prohibiting Americans from traveling to the West Bank and Jerusalem’s Old City, as well as other areas, after dark due to the ongoing violence, according to the report.

The report also cites “analysts” claiming that so-called Israeli settlements are to blame for the spike in violence, an assertion made by the State Department multiple times but called inaccurate by experts in the region.

The council’s warning highlights the instability of the current situation and threat to Americans living in the region, who could become caught up in the violence.

“Such violence erupts periodically, with some analysts citing a correlation with conflict over Israeli settlements in Palestinian neighborhoods, Israeli visits to the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount (HAS/TM) compound, restrictions on HAS/TM for Palestinians, reports of Palestinians killed as a result of Israeli security force action, settler violence against Palestinians, and other issues,” the report states.

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