Liberal billionaire George Soros has distanced himself from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg after former President Donald Trump's indictment, saying he's never met Bragg and didn't donate to his campaign.

"As for Alvin Bragg, as a matter of fact I did not contribute to his campaign and I don't know him," Soros told Semafor. "I think some on the right would rather focus on far-fetched conspiracy theories than on the serious charges against the former president."

Soros' comments came after President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called Bragg "Soros-backed," which has been echoed by many other Republicans. Soros has supported dozens of district attorney candidates across the country in recent years. Last summer, he penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed explaining why he puts his money behind "reform-minded" prosecutors.


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Soros denied knowing or donating to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's campaign.

While Soros did not donate directly to Bragg's campaign, in May 2021, he gave $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which, shortly after receiving the donation, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars backing Bragg's candidacy. 

Federal Election Commission records show that Soros' donation was the largest the Color of Change PAC received throughout the 2022 election cycle and ultimately made up roughly 25 percent of the $3.9 million the group hauled in. 

The financier's district attorney operation usually involves his longtime treasurer, Whitney Tymas, establishing political action committees in states where he targets the races. Once set up, he injects money into the PACs, which tend to spend at least hundreds of thousands of dollars backing his preferred candidates. 

Meanwhile, Soros' family members did directly back Bragg's campaign. Soros' son, Jonathan Soros, and Jonathan's wife, Jennifer Allan Soros, donated directly to Bragg's committee, Fox News Digital previously reported.


District Attorney Alvin Bragg

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has come under fire as a "Soros-backed" candidate. ((Photo by ALEX KENT/AFP via Getty Images))

Jonathan Soros sent a $10,000 check to the now-district attorney's coffers on April 26, 2021, state filings show. Three days later, on April 29, Jennifer Allan Soros added a $10,000 contribution to the campaign. While other individuals provided more direct cash to his committee, the couple were among the field of some of its biggest donors. 

The contributions were also uncommon for the pair, as they generally do not get financially involved with district attorney races, though they have donated to other New York political campaigns and issue groups. 


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Soros donated $1M to Color of Change, which then spent backing Bragg. Soros' son and daughter-in-law donated directly to Bragg's campaign. (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File)

The Manhattan grand jury indictment Thursday night of former President Donald Trump has sparked new scrutiny of Bragg, who led the investigation into Trump's alleged violations of state campaign finance laws.

Soros' spokesperson and Johnathan Soros did not respond to previous Fox News Digital requests for comment on the money.

Fox News Digital's Jessica Chasmar contributed reporting.