'Rush Limbaugh' Becomes a New Musical

Move over, Rod Blagojevich, your star has already shined.

Rush Limbaugh is the new darling of Second City Theatricals, the comedy troupe that is preparing a seven-week run of Rush Limbaugh! The Musical.

Certainly not expected to be an endearing look at the radio talk show host, Second City says Rush Limbaugh! The Musical follows Limbaugh's "humble beginnings and follows his ascent to conservative dominance buoyed by characters like Ann Coulter, Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld despite confrontations with Hillary Clinton and Barney Frank."

The spoof borrows music from Broadway hits such as Spring Awakening, Wicked and Rent.

Second City has a long history as Chicago's comedy tour de force, but still managed a surprise hit when it produced Rod Blagojevich Superstar! Of course, the group benefited from the disgraced governor's appearance in the show.

Actor Mark Sutton, who will be playing Limbaugh on stage, mused in a blog post last week that he was surprised by the amount of debate surrounding announcement of the musical.

"The show hasn't opened yet, heck I haven't even seen the whole script, and already the debate over the appropriateness of it is raging," he wrote. "Here I thought I was just an actor. Now I'm a cog in the 'leftist propaganda machine.' Well, the machine kicks into gear soon … and this cog can't wait."

A request for comment from Limbaugh was not immediately answered.