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Ann Coulter

  1. Ann Coulter

    'Guilty' author weighs on whether GOP will capitalize on Blagojevich scandal

  2. 'One Nation' According to Ann Coulter

    Conservative analyst takes on left-wing D.C. rally

  3. Liberal Lightening Rod

    Is Ann Coulter helping or hurting the conservative cause?

  4. Ann Says...

    Ann Coulter on hate crimes

  5. Tuesday's Halftime Report, Part 2

    Ann Coulter gets a special gift from the Old Spice hunk

  6. The O'Reilly Factor

    Tuesday, 8/11 p ET: Are “intimate” airport pat downs an invasion of privacy? Ann Coulter sounds off on the ‘Factor!’

  7. Mississippi Mess

    Ann Coulter and Pat Caddell forecast fate of first presidential debate

  8. Show Some Respect

    Ann Coulter on Sen. Boxer's decision to dress down Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh

  9. Book Backlash

    Ann Coulter defends her controversial comments about single mothers

  10. 'Saturday Night Live' Lampoons Gloria Allred

    Ann Coulter on 'SNL' taking aim at liberal activist attorney

  11. Nuclear Option

    Ann Coulter on whether Democrats will ignore GOP concerns on health care reform

  12. Hannity & Hasselbeck

    Ann Coulter squares off with the ladies of 'The View'

  1. Ann Coulter on NPR CEO's Resignation, Undercover Video, Part 1

    Conservative columnist sounds off

  2. Ann Coulter's Valentine's Day Surprise

    Old Spice hunk drops by with special gift

  3. Ann Coulter

    Part 2: Controversial author on having pies thrown at her

  4. Ann Coulter

    'Guilty' author on Gov. Palin lashing out at media for treatment during 2008 election

  5. Ann Coulter on Predictions of GOP Blowout

    Conservative columnist reacts to new polls

  6. Ann Coulter

    Part 1: 'Guilty' author addresses controversy surrounding her new book

  7. Ann Coulter on Huckabee

    Why she calls Huckabee, 'A Liberal Christian'

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