RNC downplays Carson threat: 'It will all work out'

The Republican National Committee tried to calm Ben Carson's fears Friday by telling him that a takeover of the nominating process by bosses at the GOP convention in July is unfounded and "quite silly."

Responding to Carson's threat to leave the Republican Party, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer pressed that the GOP hopeful has nothing to worry about. In his statement, Carson said he will not "sit by and watch a theft" of the nominating process by the "political elite."

"I would say to Dr. Carson: Don't worry, your prayers have been answered," Spicer told CNN's Kate Bolduan, going on to talk at length about Monday's dinner that, according to the Washington Post, included talk about a possible brokered convention.

Multiple times throughout the interview, Spicer argued it was nothing different than a meeting held in October with 150 members of the press (which the Washington Examiner also attended), during which nuts and bolts of the nominating process and the convention were discussed at length.

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