Pro-Kasich super PAC takes aim at new target: Chris Christie

A super PAC supporting John Kasich's presidential campaign has long taken aim at GOP front-runner Donald Trump, but a new ad takes aim at a different target. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is featured prominently in New Day for America's ad.

"John Kasich's an impatient rascal," a narrator can be hear saying in the ad. "But unlike some, his state is now booming."

When the narrator reads the words "unlike some," Christie's image appears along with text that reads, "$10.2 Billion DEFICIT." The narrator goes on to say that Kasich has proven he could serve as commander-in-chief "unlike some," as other presidential candidates appear onscreen including Christie, Trump, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

"Brought back jobs from Mexico and China. Keep us safe. Make us boom. Because he's done it before," the narrator says in the ad. "Only an impatient rascal can bring America back. John Kasich."