New Jersey: GOP Congressman Faces Several Tea Party Challengers

Race to Watch: 

7th Congressional District Republican Primary -- Leonard Lance vs. Bruce Baker vs. Alonzo Hosford vs. David Larsen

Tea Party candidates are running in House races all over the Garden State on Tuesday, but GOP Rep. Leonard Lance is facing three of them at once. All of the challengers are questioning Lance's conservative credentials.

Though Lance has been called by the pejorative "Republican in Name Only," or RINO, he has defended those credentials by highlighting his votes against the stimulus package, the health care overhaul bill and the federal debt ceiling hike. He's under fire for his votes for climate change legislation and an expansion of a health care program for poor children.

Alonzo Hosford is an entrepreneur and professor at Raritan Valley Community College; Bruce Baker is a real estate appraiser and businessman; and David Larsen is a businessman who also runs a farm and raises horses. Lance could benefit from infighting among the challenging candidates.

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