Melania Trump announces White House to reopen for public tours

The White House is reopening for public tours, first lady Melania Trump announced Tuesday.

The first lady and President Trump’s home and offices at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have been closed to visitors since the Obama family moved out and the Trump family officially moved in on Inauguration Day in late January.

Public tours are now set to resume March 7.

"I am excited to reopen the White House to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come each year," the first lady said in a statement. “The White House is a remarkable and historic site, and we are excited to share its beauty and history.  I am committed to the restoration and preservation of our Nation's most recognizable landmark."

The first lady and the Trumps' 10-year-old son, Barron, are expected to leave New York City and move into the White House at the end of the school year.

The announcement comes two days after Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley went on a Twitter rant about the tours being suspended and other complaints.

“Whoever monitors twitter at WH for businessman president Trump "when is WH going to be opened for public tours?" Grassley tweeted. “Mrs G wants to know.”

Immediately after the White House announcement, Grassley's office said that Iowa residents will be pleased by the news of the reopening and that “Mrs. G” is indeed Grassley’s wife, Barbara Grassley.

The senator later tweeted: "Mrs G appreciates WH responding 2my Twitter WH will open for public tours starting March 7 Im positive distraught Iowans will be very happy2"

Requests for the self-guided tours must be submitted to members of Congress. President Trump reportedly has done some minor remodeling since the Jan. 20 Inauguration Day.