Media Matters executive wrote racially charged, explicit blog posts

A top executive at Media Matters for America and the principal activist in the “Stop Rush” campaign made racist and anti-Semitic comments and disparaged “trannies” on a dormant blog that he wrote just several years prior to his prominent liberal activism career.

Blog entries reviewed by The Daily Caller show that Angelo Carusone made derogatory remarks about ethnic groups and used language to insult “trannies” and ugly “gays” that would be considered hate speech by his own organization.

Carusone is the executive vice president of the George Soros-funded progressive advocacy group Media Matters for America, headed by David Brock, which has built a nonprofit cottage industry out of targeting conservatives in media and flagging their politically incorrect statements for coverage by mainstream media outlets. Carusone is identified by insiders as the lead organizer of the pressure campaign to intimidate radio host Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, which accuses Limbaugh of bigotry.

Carusone joined Media Matters after founding the “Stop Rush” movement in late 2009 and effectively leading the “Stop Beck” campaign against Glenn Beck. Since joining Media Matters, Carusone spearheaded the “Dump Trump” campaign to pressure Macy’s to stop selling Donald Trump’s products.  (RELATED: Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh Is Small, Organized, Deceptive).

Carusone’s past statements may come back to haunt him.

“Question: What do Robert Downey Jr. and a random Banladeshi [sic] businessman have in common? Answer: They both love transvestites,” Carusone wrote in a Nov. 14, 2005 post entitled “Tranny Paradise,” his response to an article about a transvestite gang in Thailand. Carusone objected to the article’s description of transvestites as “attractive” and made racist remarks about Bangladeshi men.

“Uhhh. Did you notice the word attractive? What the f--- is that doing in there? Is the write[r] a tranny lover too? Or, perhaps he’s trying to justify how these trannies tricked this Bangladeshi in the first place? Look man, we don’t need to know whether or not they were attractive. The f---ing guy was Bangladeshi. And while we’re out, what the hell was he doing with $7,300 worth of stuff. The guy’s Banladeshi!” Carusone wrote.

“Shouldn’t the police officer give at least some details. Such as: stay away from tranny bars, stay away from placese where Eddie Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. have/are visiting, don’t f---ing kiss a transvestite, don’t bring a group of transvestites back to your room, etc…,” Carusone added.

In another Oct. 20, 2005 post, Carusone made an anti-Semitic remark.

“Thanks to my adorable boyfriend (come on, despite his jewry, you KNOW he’s adorable), my interest in Comedy Central’s hit TV show South Park has begun to pick up (again),” Carusone wrote.

On Nov. 18, 2005, Carusone turned his criticism toward “ugly” gays and female bartenders.

“Wednesday night I hit up the club 2686, formerly known as Luxe and for some odd reason still referred to by homos as Luxe,” Carusone wrote. “I went with my good friend Mike, who’s quite the badboy/notorious homo, although despite his omnipresence, he manages to live a reasonably drama free life. It’s almost shocking…”

Caursone’s “reasons not to go” to the club included “Bartenders are not attractive (*gasp* they even have some female bartenders)” and “Long Island gays are primarily ugly, except for a select few.”

Carusone also mentioned his onetime Republican Party leanings in archived blog material, transcripts of which were reviewed by TheDC, and praised Condoleezza Rice as “sassy, smart, and I like her politics” and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (a target of Carusone’s post-Media Matters hiring criticism) as “brilliant.”

Carusone sounded more like a future Media Matters employee when he called Dick Cheney “evil” or wrote, “I am infatuated with the power, politics, prestige and personal elements of The Presidency. A position which I will lust after my life and never obtain; it will forever tease me.”

The blog already got Carusone in some trouble, when CityWide Sewer and Drain Service sued the blogger for libel, claiming that Carusone’s father left CityWide to start a competitor company before Carusone wrote his blog post “Citywide really is sh---ywide.” The case was later dismissed.

Carusone did not reply to a request for comment on social media.

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