Krauthammer on Democrats and midterms: ‘They can’t shoot straight on anything’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the main issue of the 2014 elections is competence, and the party currently running the government has plenty to worry about on that front.

“[The Democrats] actually had a chance to enact part of their agenda, and they can’t shoot straight on anything,” Krauthammer said, listing examples such as mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs, a botched health care rollout, problems plaguing the Secret Service, and the handling of Ebola.

On Ebola, Krauthammer said, “They’re running around and changing protocols every two weeks. They appoint an Ebola czar who apparently has disappeared, he can’t be found.”

With Democrats struggling on these issues, Krauthammer suggested there’s little left to run on.

“If you’re a Democrat, you can’t argue ideology, and you can’t argue performance or stewardship, competence. What do you have left?” he asked, adding, “You play the race card, you play the sexism card. And that’s what they’re doing.”