Kelly, Weiner spar over president's broken promise on ObamaCare

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In a heated exchange with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Friday, former N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner defended ObamaCare and the president, saying Americans need to focus on the positives of the law.

Weiner and Kelly’s debate on “The Kelly File” was reminiscent of a fiery exchange between the two three years ago, with Kelly remarking “here we go again!”

Weiner, who voted for ObamaCare during his time in Congress, said Obama should have modified his promise that Americans would be able to keep their health plans under his health care overhaul.

Kelly fired back, saying Obama made a pledge, broke it and there has been no “accountability.”

Weiner argued that Americans should instead focus on the law’s good parts.

“The status quo was many, many more people losing their insurance,” he said. “So I think that should be the focus, what succeeded.”

Weiner also said people have been in general forgiving of him since a sexting scandal derailed his bid for mayor of New York. He told Kelly he has received kind letters from supporters urging him to carry on, but has also received “snark.”

Weiner will further address the scandal in the second part of the interview with Kelly on Monday.