House to Consider Mueller FBI Extension Monday

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Confirmations are usually the province of the Senate, performing the "advice and consent" function as prescribed in the Constitution. But Monday, the House will consider a bill to give Robert Mueller another two years at the top of the FBI.

The term for an FBI Director is usually ten years. But President Obama reappointed Mueller...but only for two years.

That's why the House and Senate need to get involved, not with a confirmation process. But with actual legislation to enable Mueller to serve those two years.

Late last week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) lifted a "hold" he had on Mueller's reappointment. The Senate then quickly approved the legislation, re-upping Mueller.

Now it's the House's turn. And it will consider the bill for Mueller Monday afternoon.

The House is considering the Mueller nomination under a special set of rules that requires a two-thirds vote. It is expected to pass.