House Democrats shatter fundraising record

The campaign arm of the House Democrats has shattered its August fundraising record with its largest off-year haul coming in at a whopping $6.26 million.

Monday’s numbers, first reported by NBC News, shows DCCC besting its previous record of $4.15 million in August 2015.

“With the House in play, another record-breaking month of fundraising for the DCCC is a clear sign that the grassroots energy behind House Democrats is constantly growing stronger,” Tyler Law, a spokesman for the committee told NBC News.

Law added, "Given Speaker (Paul) Ryan's failure to govern with unified Republican control of Washington, it's understandable that vulnerable House Republicans are opting for retirement while we are recruiting incredible candidates deep into the map."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has outraised its Republican counterpart in the past three months.

Republicans have not released their August numbers yet.

Overall, the DCCC has raised $72.46 million this year. As of July, the Republican Congressional Committee had a $12 million advantage over Democrats.