Hillary’s Treatment Of The Press: Seen And Herded

Hillary Clinton is incompetent and paranoid. It’s a great combination, unless you’re a fan of Hillary Clinton. For example, whenever she talks to the media, she says something stupid. And whenever she says something stupid, it’s everybody’s fault but hers.

Which brings us to this spectacle in New Hampshire over the weekend:

Keep in mind that this is how Hillary Clinton treats her fans. Fortunately for her, the only people who are less popular than her are the ones assigned to follow her around. She figures they have no choice but to put up with it, and she’s right.

If you think this looks bad to the rest of us, just wait until you hear how it sounds!

Or you could’ve put actual leashes on them. You could’ve fed them treats every time they asked a question she could answer without embarrassing herself. That would’ve worked, because they just want to please her. They just want her praise.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill got in a good joke about the whole thing:

Get it? Because ropes. LOL.

I’m not sure why Hillary is putting up with the indignities of a political campaign at all. She could sit at home for the next 16 months without losing anybody who plans to vote for her regardless. Making public appearances and talking to people can only alienate the “moderates,” i.e. people who actually care about her record and her character and all that other boring stuff.

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, she can only be herself.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)