Harry Reid says Sanders has no path to the nomination

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he does not think Bernie Sanders has a path to winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

Responding to questions at his weekly news conference Reid declined to suggest Sanders should drop out or cede the ground to Hillary Clinton, who's expected to post a strong showing in primaries Tuesday in Maryland, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

The Nevada Democrat said Sanders is a good person who "has run a campaign that I think we've all recognized has been unique and powerful, and I think Bernie should do what he wants to do."

But asked whether Sanders has a path to the nomination Reid did not equivocate. "No, I do not," he said.

"Bernie is going to do what he feels is appropriate and I have every confidence that Bernie, his No. 1 issue is not him, it's the country," Reid added.

The Vermont independent senator has energized young people but lags in the delegate count behind Clinton, herself a former senator from New York. Still most leading Democrats have avoided suggesting Sanders consider ending his candidacy so the party can unite. Doing so could alienate Sanders' legions of supporters.

Reid said he does not have a problem with Sanders staying in the race through the Democratic convention in Philadelphia in July, as Sanders has said he intends to do.