FreedomWorks’ Matt Kibbe to help run super PAC for Rand Paul

One of the country’s leading Tea Party organizers is leaving FreedomWorks next month to help run a super PAC for Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential bid.

Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, a conservative and libertarian advocacy group, announced Thursday he will help run a super PAC called Concerned American Voters that backs Paul, a Kentucky Republican. Kibbe is being brought on as a senior adviser.

“One in a while, you discover a presidential candidate who has the potential to change the political conversation, to elevate key issues in voters’ minds, and disrupt and transform a tired Republican brand,” Kibbe said in a written statement. “Once in a lifetime, maybe, you will have an opportunity to support a transformative candidate who can do all of these things, and win.”

FreedomWorks is best known for its grassroots fundraising and organizational efforts among conservative activists.

Concerned American Voters said it has 40 full-time paid staffers in the Republican primary state of Iowa and says it has millions of dollars in fundraising pledges lined up.

Members have already knocked on the doors of 60,000 voters to get support for Paul.

Jeff Frazee, the executive director of the conservative group Young Americans for Liberty, is president of the super PAC.