Frank Luntz: Focus group 'doesn't want Kasich to speak'

Longtime Republican public opinion guru Frank Luntz tweeted during Tuesday night's debate that John Kasich's constant interruptions weren't going over well with his New Hampshire focus group.

In fact, Luntz said the group was "really offended" by the interruptions, which elicited the "lowest dials" of the debate. New Hampshire has been one of the states where the Ohio governor has been polling best.

This highlights a problem for Kasich. There is likely an audience for someone who will combat some of the less realistic ideas being batted around in the Republican debates and specifically someone who will act as a counterpoint to Donald Trump.

"The blue-col­lar wing of the Re­pub­lic­an primary elect­or­ate has con­sol­id­ated around one can­did­ate," observes Ronald Brownstein. That's Trump. "The party's white-col­lar wing re­mains frag­men­ted."