Flores runs for speaker, with a catch

Rep. Bill Flores on Monday emailed colleagues telling them he plans to run for House speaker.

The third-term congressman from Texas is chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of conservatives that predates the upstart and more confrontational Freedom Caucus. Flores said he would withdraw from the contest and endorse Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan if the Wisconsin Republican changes his mind and runs for speaker.

The email reads:

"In a few minutes, I will distribute the letter included below to all of our House GOP Conference Colleagues. As you will note, the letter announces my intention to run for Speaker of the House. In this regard, I would like to ask you for feedback to the following questions:

House Republicans are looking for a candidate for speaker who could unite their conference and win at least 218 votes on the floor for the position. Few seem interested in the position since House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California stunned members by withdrawing from the race.

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