First Lady Shows Off Her Moves at the White House

{VignetteVideo assettitl="First+Lady+Shows+Off+Moves" id="0B498B1EC79DE3D3EB0B8665C7737EAD" width="375" aspectratio="1.77" height="211.864406779661" autoplay="off" }Running, jumping, stretching and sweating. Michelle Obama made it look fun as she joined youngsters from the local Washington, D.C. area in what the First Lady's office is calling a South Lawn Series kick-off for her "Let's Move!" project.   Trainers from local Washington sports teams such as football's Redskins and hockey's Capitals were on the White House South Lawn showing kids moves they can use to stay fit. "You're going to have to go home and take some of what you learn here and teach your families and the other kids in your schools.. and figure out how you guys can get other people in your lives moving," Michelle Obama told the enthusiastic children.

Mrs. Obama joined boys and girls for relay races and obstacle courses.  She also showed it was hard work.  While running races with a group kids, The First Lady could be heard breathing heavy, exclaiming "I'm tired."

Tuesday's exercises were the first in a series of activities the White House will present this summer for young adults to stay fit and healthy.