Don't freak out over Trump --- most GOP nominees are disasters

For those of us with political memories more far-reaching than a fruit fly's, it's a little hard to stomach the collective Republican freakout over the outside chance Donald Trump wins the primaries.

Granted, Trump might make a perfectly disastrous nominee or a mediocre-at-best president. That would only be par for the hazard-heavy course that leads through the Republican National Convention.

Democrats mock Republicans' Gipper worship by charging that they'd secretly like to run zombie Reagan for president. Given the alternatives, can you really blame them? Every GOP candidate after Reagan has been, in his own way, deeply unimpressive.

In 2008 and 2012, Democrats racked up comfortable Electoral College majorities (of 365 and 332; need 270 to win). In the two presidential contests before that, Republicans could only stitch together bare, dangling majorities (with Florida and then Ohio tipping the scales).