Democratic Convention: Xavier Becerra Says 'We Are Better Off'

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

That is the old Ronald Reagan question that the Romney campaign has used in their offensive against President Barack Obama and the Democrats going into the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And according to Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), who spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, the answer Americans should be giving is 'absolutely.'

"Four years ago today, September of 2008, 425,000 Americans lost their jobs, the last report we saw 170,000 Americans gained jobs," Becerra told Fox News. "Take a look at your 401-K...home prices are going back up again, the stock market is up, there are still many Americans who are hurting so we have a lot of work to do...but absolutely things are better."

In 2008 Becerra made the argument in his DNC speech that under eight years of President George W. Bush, Americans lost $1,000 in their household family income, but under President Obama family households have lost $4,000 in income. Becerra said that the recovery takes time.

"Four years ago we thought we were going to go into the black hole and never come out," he explained. "No one is going to deny that we have work to do, the President is the first to admit it, but please let's make sure we have a President that wants to go forward, not go back to the old policies that got us in the mess."

The representative, who believes the American Jobs Act will be key to adding up to a million jobs to the economy, thinks Obama must concentrate on jobs and the economy in his speech.

"I think people are going to want to see the President continue to say I'm going to move us forward, we are going to get out of this rut," he said.

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