Cotton: Americans want judges 'who understand the difference between making the law and applying the law'

Senator says Dems view Supreme Court as 'rubber stamp for their radical left-wing agenda'

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The Senate will not wait on processing a nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told “The Story" Monday.

“That's what he [President Trump] campaigned on doing in 2016 and we will process that nominee without delay,” Cotton told host Martha MacCallum. “We did that not only in 2016 but in 2018, too, when there couldn't have been a clearer referendum just one month after the Brett Kavanaugh vote… The American people returned a Republican majority to the Senate to do exactly what we intend to do, which is confirm the president's eventual nominee.”


Cotton, whose name appeared on a shortlist of 20 potential nominees released by the White House earlier this month, said the president has “many capable” female candidates to choose from and added that he expects the nominee to be announced this week.

With 43 days left before the presidential election, Cotton told MacCallum he’s certain Trump will be reelected and voters will return a Republican Senate majority.

“[Americans] want to see judges on the Supreme Court who understand the difference between making the law and applying the law,” he said. “In part because they see what the Democrats are already promising to do and now they've started threatening it even more explicitly since Justice Ginsburg's death on Friday.”


Several prominent Democrats have threatened to “pack” the Supreme Court if the vacancy left by Ginsburg's death is filled before an election in which Democrats take the White House and Senate. According to Cotton, Democrats see the highest court in the land as nothing more than a “rubber stamp for their radical left-wing agenda.”

“That's a reason why the American people are not going to vote for Democrats come November 3rd,” he said. “But whatever happens in terms of the timing of the president's nomination, the Senate will move forward without delay. We'll take a careful, thorough, deliberate approach to it and we will confirm that nominee. I am confident.”