Cohen clashes with top GOP rep over conviction claim: ‘Shame on you, Mr. Jordan’

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen exploded Wednesday when House Oversight and Reform Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, accused him of having “non-existent” remorse over charges of bank fraud, to which he had pleaded guilty.

“Shame on you Mr. Jordan, that’s not what I said,” he said to Jordan.


The exchange came after Cohen, who was testifying on Capitol Hill, was grilled by Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., about the charges of bank fraud that were part of the financial crimes to which he pled guilty in August.

Cohen said he took exception with Comer’s statements because “I never defrauded any bank” although he admitted wrongdoing at the same time.

“Surely you knew you were breaking the law?” Comer asked.

“Sir I’m not a [certified public accountant], I pled guilty,” he responded. “I pled guilty and I am going to be doing the time, I have caused tremendous pain to my family.”

That met with consternation from Jordan, who accused him of having an exchange in which he essentially said he didn’t do anything wrong.

“His remorse is non-existent, he just debated a member of Congress saying ‘I really didn't do anything wrong with the false bank things that i'm guilty of and am going to prison for,’” Jordan said.

“Mr Jordan, that's not what I said and you know that that's not what I said,” Cohen shot back. “What I said was I pled guilty and I take responsibility for my actions.”

After a breath, he went a step further: “Shame on you Mr. Jordan, that’s not what I said, shame on you that’s not what i said.”

“What I said is that I took responsibility and I take responsibility. What I was doing is explaining to the gentleman that his facts are inaccurate, I take responsibility for my mistakes, I am remorseful and I am going to prison, I will be away from my wife and my family for years.”

It was the second such clash between Cohen and Jordan in the hearing. Earlier, Jordan lit into Cohen after the former lawyer called Trump a "racist" and a "conman."

Jordan suggested Cohen, who will soon report for a three-year prison sentence, only parted with Trump after he was excluded from the White House.

“How long did you work in the White House?” Jordan asked.

“I never worked in the White House,” Cohen replied.

“That’s the point, isn’t it? You wanted to work in the White House, but you didn’t get brought to the dance,” Jordan said.

Cohen responded: “No sir.”

Fox News' Brooke Singman contributed to this report.