Christie: Obama helped create U.S. refugee crisis

Chris Christie said the current refugee issue in America is the fault of President Obama for not acting on his "red line" in Syria and allowing Russia to get a role in the air campaign there.

"This is something that the president has created," Christie said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union." "His inaction as this crisis has spiraled out of control, has created this crisis, and now he wants the American people to absorb this crisis he's created."

The terrorist attacks last week in Paris and the resulting fear fighters could enter the U.S. by posing as refugees trying to escape violence have changed the race for president, according to Christie. During town halls in New Hampshire, he said he has seen the shift first hand as questions now focus exclusively on national security.

Analysts have said that it's unclear if this shift will last until Election Day and which candidates it will help. In the short term, it has prompted almost every candidate to come out with his or her own plan to keep the country safe if elected the next commander-in-chief.