Carson calls for declaration of war against ISIS

Hours before the fifth GOP debate, Ben Carson released a seven-step plan to defeat the Islamis State in an effort to show off his foreign policy know-how, which has been questioned over the past month since the Paris terror attacks.

In his plan, Carson calls for a formal declaration of war against the Islamic State and to form a coalition in the region to boost the U.S.'s allies in the region, particularly through military training and deploying resources to work with moderate Arab nations.

The former neurosurgeon also called upon Congress to implement a "war-time emergency visa and immigration policy," which would limit visitor visas to three months, and for President Obama to deploy the National Guard to the U.S./Mexico border as well as the border with Canada.

Carson also said the State Department should "designate" the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups as terror organizations, adding further that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) should be investigated as "an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and a supporter of terrorism."