Cancer survivor feels like ObamaCare 'loser' after health plan cancelled

A cancer survivor whose heartfelt op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about her health insurance plan being cancelled under ObamaCare drew a rebuttal from an Obama advisor on Twitter told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that she feels she is “a loser in this.”

Edie Sundby said on “The Kelly File” Wednesday her problems with the president’s health care law are not political in nature. She says she is very grateful to be alive after battling stage-4 gallbladder cancer for almost seven years, and credits her “fabulous” medical insurance plan and her doctors with saving her.

“I find myself in a very uncomfortable and very stressful situation that’s a bit overwhelming, because my insurance company has pulled out, completely pulled out of the private, the individual market in California,” she said.

Sundby said that the Obama administration’s insistence that the health insurance plans Americans are losing were sub-standard to begin with is “absurd.”

“Frankly it’s condescending because it’s not true,” she said. “I feel like I’m a loser in this because I’ve lost my medical insurance and potentially could lose my doctors, but really the biggest loser here is trust and respect for government.”

After Sundby’s op-ed was published in the Wall Street Journal Sunday, Obama advisor Dan Pfieffer shared a liberal blog post on Twitter that says Sundby lost her plan because of a “business decision” by her insurer. Sundby said she wishes the Obama administration would focus instead on fixing the problem.

“I didn’t understand that, why they felt that was necessary,” Sundby said.