Bush super PAC slams Rubio on illegal immigration, amnesty

Jeb Bush's super PAC is slamming Republican rival Marco Rubio on the contentious issue of illegal immigration and amnesty.

The 30-second ad by Right to Rise USA, called “Vane,” depicts Rubio as a weather vane turning in the wind.

“Marco Rubio. He ran for Senate saying he opposed amnesty, then he flipped and worked with liberal Chuck Schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill," the narrator says as the Rubio animation swivels around.

“He supported his own Dream Act and then he abandoned it,” the ad continues. ”Marco Rubio: Just another Washington politician you can’t trust.”


A source with the PAC told Fox News that the ad was intended to point out that Rubio has been a  “political chameleon” and lacked the leadership backbone of Bush, who governed Florida for two terms.

“No one in this race has flip-flopped on immigration more than Jeb,” said Alex Conant, communications director for Rubio’s presidential campaign.

“Jeb used to lecture Republicans about the need to support a pathway to citizenship--and then he changed his position. When Marco is president, there will be no amnesty. “

Starting Monday night, the spot will run in the early voting states of Iowa and South Carolina and on Fox News and digital platforms.

A PAC spokesman said that Right to Rise USA will spend nearly $2 million in Iowa and over $1 million in the Palmetto state in the next two weeks.