Bill Clinton contradicts Hillary on email claims

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Bill Clinton appeared Wednesday to contradict his wife's claims about their personal email use, saying he's only sent two emails in his life -- despite Hillary Clinton saying some of the private messages on her personal server were from her and her husband.

The former president addressed his very sparing email use at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Denver.

He said the "only time" he got on the Internet was to do "two emails" and order Christmas presents.

"Otherwise I found people said embarrassing things on emails. I didn't want to be one of them," Clinton said, to laughter.

The statement echoes what a spokesman told the Wall Street Journal in March -- that the ex-president had only sent two emails in his life, one to U.S. troops and the other to astronaut John Glenn.

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    Yet, when Hillary Clinton held a press conference in March explaining her personal email use, she said her private server "contains personal communications from my husband and me."

    The now-Democratic presidential candidate gave this detail in asserting that she would not turn over her personal server for examination -- as Republican lawmakers have requested.

    Her office, though, has turned over thousands of pages of emails to the State Department, which has started to release some of them.

    Fox News' Tamara Gitt contributed to this report.