As Summit Begins, Gibbs Looks Beyond Horizon

President Obama's Press Secretary is feeling confident about the results of today's historic Health Care Summit even before it begins. The made-for-TV event starring the President and some of the major players both in his administration and on Capitol Hill will begin at 10am across the street from the White House.


Democrats and Republicans are coming together to hash out differences in overhauling the nation's health care and insurance system, which Robert Gibbs finds promising. "I do think... that you will hear good ideas from both sides that the President will respond to," he told Fox and Friends this morning. "And my sense is there will be an atmosphere and a spirit of compromise and cooperation. I hope that extends to everybody. And if it does, I think we'll make progress today."

Many GOPers have told the White House that the health care proposals as they know them should be scrapped. White House officials have derided that point of view, choosing instead to build on progress already made on the Hill.

However, when asked about reports of a back-up plan the White House may be formulating should today's session be a failure, Gibbs didn't deny them, "The President is focused exclusively on what's happening in today's meeting and to listening and trying to find some cooperation. I hope that's what each and every participant is willing to do. Friday we'll worry about on Friday."

The President has staked a significant portion of his reputation on his success in overhauling health care, but is that something his administration pines over? Gibbs says no. "There is probably too much analysis that goes on every day about whether this presidency needs to be resuscitated or whether we risk too much in talking to people."