'Adopt a Bernie Delegate' raising money for trip to Philly

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is turning to the massive grassroots donor list that propelled his Democratic presidential primaries campaign in order to pay for his delegates to attend the national party convention this summer.

"We've earned almost 1,900 convention delegates, but for many it's too expensive to attend. Help get them to Philly," Sanders tweeted on Saturday.

The tweet included a link to a volunteer website, Adopt a Bernie Delegate, which maps out each delegate in the country and asks supporters to contribute to their trip, while also explaining that the delegate funding is a natural extension of the Sanders campaign efforts. The page was set up by volunteers, who promise that all the money raised will go to the delegates.

"Just like many donors have never donated before, neither have many delegates participated before, so we are not connected and funded by the masses," the site quotes an unnamed delegate as saying. "Most of us are the demographic Bernie is trying to help, so we don't have big bank accounts, trust funds, or rich parents to fall back on. At a certain point, the Democratic Party decided against providing funds for delegates to make the trip to the national conventions. From what I understand it used to be covered by the DNC. The reality is, fundraising is a necessary evil in this election cycle because not every delegate has the cash flow to make the trip."

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