Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan told "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sunday that he is "personally disgusted" with the situation on the U.S. southern border amid new reports that authorities are struggling to cope with the backlog of migrants being allowed into the U.S.


"Personally, I'm disgusted because you're right, Mark. I spent almost 35 years, I started as a Border Patrol agent on that border. I worked my work my way up the chain, rung by rung," he said. "I was the first director of ICE to actually came up through the ranks. So I spent my whole career doing this. And I can tell you without any doubt in the world that President Trump gave us the most secure border I've seen in my entire career, almost 35 years. That is just a stone-cold fact. You know, regardless if you like the man or not, he did more to secure this border than any president I've worked for…and now it's all been destroyed within weeks by the Biden administration."

As for former President Trump’s critics, Homan said, "for the people think the Trump administration policies are cruel, inhumane, I would argue that I worked for six different presidents, the policies worked. Let me ask this question to the American people listening. When illegal immigration is down 60, 80 percent, how many women are being raped by the cartels? How many children aren't dying? How many millions of dollars do the cartels not make on smuggling drugs? How many fentanyl overdoses didn't occur? So the fact is, President Trump saved lives. He secured the border," he asserted.

Homan said he has no qualms telling viewers that Biden "sold out this country to win the presidency. And now we see that in action, [with] open borders. And people say, well, this is incompetence… this is mismanagement. No, it's not. Their plan is coming together perfectly. This is open borders," he said.

As the situation grows more dire, ICE officers are grappling with morale that "has never been worse down on the border," Homan warned.

"I've been at the border four times in the last two months and these men and women, I tell you right now, they've lost total respect in the President of the United States, which is sad. And they lost respect in the secretary of Homeland Security," he explained.

"Why? Because the secretary to this day will say the border is secure and closed and these men and women are dealing with this crisis every day, putting themselves in harm's way. And their secretary won't recognize that. And the second thing, the president during one of his first speeches accused the last administration of watching children starve, starve to death on the riverbanks, the Rio Grande. These are the men and women, the Border Patrol, the men and women put their lives on the line every day. The men and women who saved over 7,000 lives already this year by pulling people out of the river, saving people in the desert."


"These men and women save lives, Mr. President," Homan fired back. "They don't watch people starve to death on the Rio Grande banks. So they've lost respect. They've been abandoned by their own commander in chief and their secretary."