Steve Hilton: It's time for Trump to step up and reform policing

It's time for President Trump to heed the calls of protesters across the nation and commit to reforming policing in the United States, Steve Hilton argued Sunday.

"President Trump is rightly proud of what he did for African Americans, the lowest unemployment in history, opportunity zones to revitalize urban neighborhoods and long overdue criminal justice reform…" Hilton said on "The Next Revolution"

"All those gains will be lost -- politically speaking -- unless he now takes the next step, police reform. The president should lead this," Hilton went on, suggesting a "federal mandate to limit use of force, to bring procedures and training in line, and to bring accountability to make sure every American needs to have access to a complaint commission so we can use transparency to weed out the bad cops while supporting the good ones."

Hilton said the solution to true reformation lies not in the growing calls to "defund the police," but will come about through "actual policy change."

"When a violent man is beating up his girlfriend, while a four-year-old boy cowers in terror, good luck breaking that up with the new transformative model for cultivating safety," he said.


"To solve problems, you need the hard work of actual policy change, and let's be honest, that work needs to be done. Thankfully," he went on, "it seems like the violent disorders under control but now what...first restore order then address the underlying issues. Those are real. We can't just dismiss what we're seeing as the antics of some Brooklyn radicals."

Fox News' Steve Hilton contributed to this report.