Former President Donald Trump joined Fox News Wednesday to remember conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who died at age 70 following a lung cancer battle.

"There aren’t too many legends around, but he is a legend," Trump told Harris Faulkner and Bill Hemmer.

"He had tremendous insight. He got it, he really got it," he added later.


Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February 2020 during the State of the Union Address. Trump said Limbaugh called the experience "the greatest honor of his life."

"Rush was very sick at the time. He was at a hospital in Boston … It was a very difficult thing for him to come into Washington from where he was, and he did it," Trump said.

Limbaugh was respected by those who attended the ceremony, Trump said. "A hundred percent of that room respected Rush," Trump said.

Trump said Limbaugh was hopeful to remain on the air until after the 2020 presidential election.

"His ambition was to hold out until after the election," Trump said. "And he worked so hard and he missed very few shows … he worked so hard to get through the election, and he was just great. He made it."

Trump also commented on Limbaugh’s love for America.

"He loved this country so much," Trump said. "He loved the people of this country so much."

Trump also issued a statement on Limbaugh’s passing Wednesday afternoon.

"The great Rush Limbaugh has passed away to a better place, free from physical pain and hostility," the statement says.


"His honor, courage, strength, and loyalty will never be replaced. Rush was a patriot, a defender of Liberty, and someone who believed in all of the greatness our Country stands for. Rush was a friend to myself and millions of Americans—a guiding light with the ability to see the truth and paint vivid pictures over the airwaves. Melania and I express our deepest condolences to his wonderful wife, Kathryn, his family, and all of his dedicated fans. He will be missed greatly."