Fox News host Laura Ingraham gives four reasons why the Senate's proposed border bill crashed on "The Ingraham Angle."

LAURA INGRAHAM: All right. Wake up call or wake? That's the focus of tonight's "Angle." 

Now, when the border bill fiasco was unraveling last night, I started to think about how the GOP Senate leadership could so wildly misread their own party on an issue as important as this. I mean, do they ever listen to their own constituents? They ever read anything about what the constituents believe? Any polls? Don't they see that everyone is fed up with doublespeak on the border? 

And then I was thinking about Trump's book, you know, The Art of the Deal, where he explains why PR alone, like the type you've been hearing about the bill from people like Lankford and Sinema and Chris Murphy. That that kind of bluster can't rescue a bad final product. Trump wrote, "You can't con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do a wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press. And you can throw in a little hyperbole, but if you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on." And that's what happened here. 


We told you weeks ago that the phony border security bill being cooked up in the Senate would be an insult to your intelligence. But they kept saying that, oh, you're being unfair. You should just wait for the text. Well, of course, by now, every honest broker knows that the actual text of the bill is much worse. Now, as Speaker Johnson said on this show last night, it wasn't even a border bill at all. It was really just an immigration bill and a liberal one at that. Because the border remains open. 

Unaccompanied minors don't count toward the 5000-person trigger. Millions still are allowed into the country, including through the ports of entry. And Mayorkas retains the power to grant asylum. And remember, Biden can end the emergency for what he calls the "national interest" and the border emergency itself sunsets in three years. Oh, and then money for lawyers, for migrants, of course, millions for that. And it's a huge boon to foreign workers. So by late last night, they had already lost 22 Republican senators. And it was effectively a dead deal. Now, you all know this because you've been watching. I tried to warn Senator Lankford that he was just setting himself up for the fall-- to be the fall guy, but he wouldn't listen. But at least he found a new friend.


Please! Trust in Biden and Mayorkas on a border bill would be like trusting Jeffrey Epstein at a senior prom. The bill wouldn't have stopped the invasion; it would have simply regularized the flow. Maybe managed it a tiny bit better, and then it would have hamstrung Trump from implementing a true border enforcement operation, which he knows how to do. And by the way, to add insult to injury, it would have given Biden a small political escape hatch on the border issue itself. Why would any Republican ever agree to that? But now, Joe, all he has in his quiver- MAGA bad.