John Sununu on new polls favoring Biden: Trump's rhetoric getting him into 'real trouble'

Current polls favoring presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over President Trump should be an indicator that the Trump campaign has to “tighten up," former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu said Monday.

“The president likes to riff, to go off message at times, and I think he gets into real trouble when he does that,” Sununu told “America’s Newsroom.”

Sununu said that Trump has to understand that the upcoming 2020 presidential election depends on substance and style and that independent voters seem to be turning away from the rhetoric.

“Unfortunately, I think, in the last couple of tough issues that he’s had to deal with, he’s lost control of his style to the point where he may be attractive to his base, but the swing voter, the voter that he needs to bring back as he did in the 2016 election, really looks at style sometimes even more than they look at the substance," he said.


The final year of President Trump's first term has been incredibly challenging, calling on him to handle the response to the global coronavirus pandemic as well as national protests following the death of George Floyd in police custody.  As such, the poll covered several topics, including approval ratings over Trump's handling of the current crises and election preferences between Trump and Joe Biden.

When asked whom they would choose “if the presidential election were held today,” voters responded 49 percent for former Vice President Joe Biden versus 42 percent for Trump, with the rest unsure or choosing neither. A CNN poll released Monday found Biden with a 14-point lead on Trump, 55 to 41 percent.

Sununu said that he would advise Trump to “be careful” about making a national address about race relations in America because the forum has not been his strength.

“Even though he’s going to do this, they’ve got to be extremely careful about how they craft the message. If he does it, he has to have the self-discipline to stick to the message and not go off message or off-script or off speech,” Sununu said.


“Look, if he wants to talk to the nation, he has to talk about the fact that he recognizes there has to be a reform in some police departments and has to acknowledge that the Minneapolis department has a problem. But he also has to talk about the fact that he cares about the reality of peace and tranquility in minority communities across the country and that will not happen without the assistance of the police reform.”