Antiviral pills to fight COVID are 'game changers' for the high risk: Adm. Giroir

There are 'more and more therapies' every day, he says

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Adm. Brett Giroir, assistant health secretary under former President Donald Trump, explained the urgency of getting COVID-19 tests along with the Pfizer and Merck treatment drugs available to high-risk patients Friday on "Special Report." 

BRETT GIROIR: So basically, both of these [were] prevented deaths, and they had a high degree of prevention of hospitalization. I think they're game changers. We need as many millions of these as possible, coupled with tests and putting them in the hands of those who are at high risk. Young people, particularly with omicron, particularly if they're vaccinated — it's not a serious disease. If you're elderly, co-morbid, have other conditions, immunosuppressed — you really need this. You need these oral pills, you need monoclonal antibodies, you need everything to protect you, and we can do that now. We have tools, the science has come through. The Trump administration brought vaccines, and every day we have more and more therapies.