Bill Bennett on Dems' 'shock of recognition:' They're a left-wing party now, not center-left

Fox News contributor Bill Bennett said Friday that moderates are not really present in the current 2020 Democratic presidential field after Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., emerged as the frontrunner.

“This is a party that has gone to the left. ... This is a shock of recognition: they’ve become a left-wing party,” Bennett told “America’s Newsroom,” rejecting the notion that Sanders’ competitors in the Democratic field are moderates in comparison.

He said the move to the left comes after "all the work of the universities," where left-wing professors have push leftist ideologies for years.


Bennett reacted to a column in the New York Post titled “A Bernie Sanders win spells the end of America’s center-left, which is already a global trend.”

The author Richard Lowry wrote, “The Democratic Party could soon be taken over by a leftist who has never formally been a member (even if he signed a pledge to govern as a Democrat should he make it to the White House).

“If it’s any consolation to Democrats, it’s a version of the same wrenching dislocation that has beset the center-left throughout the Western world.”

With populist Sanders of Vermont now considered the frontrunner in the race for the Democratic nomination, concern and resistance is growing among mainstream and establishment Democrats inside and outside the nation’s capital.

Bennett believes the leftist platform of the Democratic Party will pave a path for Trump’s reelection.

“You remember that debate early on where they said how many of you will support government benefits for illegals and I think everybody raised their hands eventually on that stage? That’s just not something that’s going to fly in America," he said, arguing that a candidate cannot be seen as a moderate just because they're not as far-left as Sanders.


“The others, I think, are not too far away. Even Joe Biden, who is obviously fading, tilts to the left. ... But moderate compared to Bernie can still be pretty left,” Bennett concluded.