Ben Domenech: The Left is pushing to redefine justice

Chauvin's conviction was "Western justice" at work says "Fox News Primetime" host

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"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech spoke to what he calls the Left's push to redefine justice following the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd.

DOMENECH: The things that we own, the life that we have; and that we ought to be protected from crime, being hurt, or killed; and the decision must be blind because it must not matter if you are poor, rich, young, old, weak or powerful -- a society that is just protects your rights, and when someone wrongs you, and we decide together as a people, reflected by our laws, our judges, the juries of our peers.

We look at a knee on the back of George Floyd and we feel something is wrong. We want justice for the victim, the families, and yes, for the officer -- for all parties.


On Tuesday night, when a jury handed down its unanimous decision, a lot of right-thinking Americans thought: this is justice. It was a tragic and terrible thing that happened, and an incredible amount of terrible wrong-doing followed across America in its wake, but what was on display is how Western justice works -- and would have been regardless of the decision the jurors had come to. A wrongdoing was identified and the party was held accountable. No amount of money or penance or apologies from that person could undo that wrong, but a jury verdict and a jail sentence are the best justice our flawed human nature allows. Only God can raise the dead.

But this time we heard something different: This is not justice, we heard, because it does not restore George Floyd to us.