World's Fattest Man, Weighing 854 Pounds, Dies of Heart Attack

The world’s fattest man, who weighed in at a solid 854 pounds, died of a heart attack Wednesday, The Sun reported.

David Hone, 48, ate himself into the grave despite desperate efforts to get him to lose weight.

"This man was huge. But he was a good-natured, decent man,” said a source from the National Health Service (NHS). "Medical staff warned him he needed to lose stones to survive. But it was sadly too late."

Hone tried a crash diet but collapsed and had to be taken to hospital after being taken from his home in Croydon, South London, by a team of firemen and paramedics.

He was put in a specially- reinforced hospital bed but even that fell apart under his weight.

"We were awestruck by the sight of this man. It was unreal - like something out of a movie. We are not just talking about a big man here, we're talking super-sized,” the NHS source said. "He could not reach around his body to wash himself or walk to the bathroom. We needed a hoist to move him - we called it a crane."

Once in the Princess Royal hospital in Farnborough, Bromley, Hone told doctors he simply could not stop eating.

Medics fear relatives and friends may have taken food into him because they worried he was hungry.

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