Woman Receives Kidney After Posting Craigslist Ad

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A woman who received a new kidney after posting a plea for help on Craigslist is recovering in a Miami hospital, and so is the donor.

Selina Hodge posted a plea online in July asking for someone to donate a kidney. The 28-year-old then turned to Craigslist.

She told WPTV she "didn't know where else to turn."

Hodge received more than 800 responses from all over the world from her Craigslist ad. One came from 23-year-old Stephanie Grant, who lived just a few miles away from Hodge in Palm Beach Gardens.

The two drove together to the University of Miami Medical Center Campus several times for evaluations. The women underwent transplant surgery Tuesday.

The women's families tell the TV station that both patients are doing fine after surgery.